TAPAS [traditional ashtanga practioners atlantic society]

we are a not for profit organization aimed at building a community of yoga practitioners & promoting the traditional teachings of Manju P. Jois the eldest son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. TAPAS is an affiliate of European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga.

our mandate:

  • to build a broad-based community of ashtanga yoga practitioners throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond.
  • to develop a comprehensive web-based members' directory.
  • to disseminate information & education on traditional ashtanga teachings through our website, newsletters & workshops.
  • to provide a community hub/meeting place for members to gather, practice & teach.

Manju Jois

Manju P. Jois is recognized as the foremost authority on ashtanga yoga. Amidst the development of a plethora of yoga styles and practises throughout the west, Manju has dedicated his life to teaching traditional yoga as transmitted to him by his father. He has traveled the world for almost five decades teaching this ancient practice of yoga. Manju's teachings go far beyond asana to include meditative chants and pranayama, all taught in an inspiring, humorous and interpretive way. Students & teachers worldwide continue to benefit from his Mysore classes, yoga therapy workshops & teacher trainings as he encouraging his students to to incorporate the true meaning of yoga into their daily lives - 'unite with yourself'.

"Manju Jois is dedicated to his mission of training teachers in the ancient style of yoga, which combines asanas, pranayama and, meditation chants for a mind body spirit unification.' (www.manjujois.com)

TAPAS members'

  • join a broad-based community of traditional yoga practitioners
  • receive a listing in our members directory
  • receive teachings on traditional practises through our subscription newsletter & website
  • receive a listing in our members calendar of events (teachers).
  • receive a preferred rate at our annual workshop & teacher training
Annual fees:
  • General $120
  • Teaching $150
  • Supporting: $240/$360/$480

become a membermember listing

workshops & events

  • Manju Jois workshop and intermediate series teacher training 2017.

    Another workshop draws to a close, thank you once again to Manju Jois for his unwavering patience and generosity in sharing the gift of Ashtanga with us all , thank you also to Jody Manley for coordinating the workshop, and to all the participants & graduates of both the 2 day weekend workshop and the week of teacher training.

    We are already looking forward to next year!

    If you would like to share your photos and memories of the workshop with other participants please email the webmaster ([email protected]) she will send you an invite to our drop box to upload the images 🙂

    We welcome all participants to stay connected with us in the coming year, become a member of TAPAS and share your Yoga journey with other Ashtanga practitioners, or contact [email protected] and have your name added to our mailing list.



    Manju Jois workshop

contact TAPAS

  i n f o @ a s h t a n g a a t l a n t i c . c o m

- Jody Manley

founding members
- Terrilee Bulger (financial officer)
- Andrea Chute (membership co-ordinator)
- Bryan Burns (meditation co-ordinator)
- Paul Bernier (member at large, New Brunswick)
- Susan Wood (member at large, Nova Scotia )
- Skip Dotty (member at large)

- Andrea Witzke (web development)

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