Manju Jois teacher training, Lunenburg, 2017

Manju Jois teacher training, Lunenburg, 2017

It all started when…

In 2013, we were fortunate to have Manju Jois, the eldest son of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, begin to teach workshops and teacher trainings in Halifax, Nova Scotia on an annual basis.

Over time, we began to see the emergence of a yoga community following Manju’s traditional teachings. Each year, new and returning participants began joining us from across Canada, the Eastern seaboard and beyond.

We became Manju’s Canadian family.

In 2016, we established a not-for-profit organization aimed at building a community under Manju’s tutelage and sharing his teachings - and so, Ashtanga Atlantic was born.

We look forward to your participation and this opportunity to promote the teachings of traditional yoga.

Jody Manley, founder and director

our mandate:

  • joining our community of traditional practitioners throughout Canada and beyond.

  • developing a comprehensive directory of practitioners and teachers under Manjus’ tutelage.

  • providing financial aid and support to community members for continuing education.

  • developing a reportoire of practice and teaching tools to aid our community including videos, audio recordings, manuals and practice guides.

Ashtanga Atlantic is an affiliate of The European Academy of Ashtanga Yoga.